The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Review


State what you will about The Walking Dead, when Telltale released the initial episode of its splendid opening season back in 2012, it transformed the scene of narrative choice-driven games forever. With basic but impressive controls and a simple-to-digest span, The Walking Dead spawned several sequences and spin-offs, launching Telltale into the common name before the studio reached a disastrous end at the hands of dubious authority outcomes.

Having added this, if you’ve played the game before, the mere positive comes from the visuals, which have been upscaled and revised in earlier titles to contest that of the more recent Walking Dead game. To me, the original one will ever be the highest thanks to its sharp storytelling and sentimental ending, but all four have their own characteristics and attitudes-temps.

At the centre of this four-season tale is Clementine, a youthful girl who rises from a startled, powerless victim to a seasoned undead slayer across. It’s absolutely the gradual journey further, with each of the titles doing together to boost further tests and characters to the fold which develop and mature her temperament.

Experiencing all these games settles into perspective Clementine’s character arc, and when it falls to the theme, this is precisely one of the strong positions with this game. Of course, gameplay if you expect to raid through these and haven’t hit a Telltale title before, the controls can seem a little monotonous after a period.

Nevertheless, if you’re once a fan of or have never figured out The Walking Dead before, this is most assuredly worth trying out. With all Walking Dead titles together and a notable bundle of extras to dig, Telltale’s shining jewel sifts itself down and presents a satisfactory presentation, albeit with a few technical glitches along the course.