The Ultimate Beginner Ab Workout That Will Help In Building Strong Core


Core strength is very important and I see so many people neglecting this fact. Well-developed core strength has a lot many benefits attached to it. It gives a greater efficiency of movement, improves body control & overall balance, reduces the risk of injuries, and increases power output from the core as well as other parts like shoulders, arms, and legs. Hence, for 360-degree physique development, core strengthening must be practised religiously.

The aim must not just be to achieve that super hot six-abs. The objective must actually be to work your core in a way that it can get all the other benefits mentioned above. Let us now check out some really effective exercises that even I do daily.

Note- You can perform the following sequences 3-5 times and ideally hold every position or continue repetitions for 45 seconds each.

Table Top Hover-

Pilates Knee Hovers: Strengthen your Core in Less than 4 Minutes!

Place your body as shown in the image and hold the position. You will begin feeling the burn after 20 seconds into the exercise. This is quite effective for strength training.

Forearm Plank Side Dips-

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This one is simple and effective. Just get into the regular plank position and make use of your hips to perform the side dips. Remember that the hips must drive the movement from one side to the other continuously in motion.

Side Plank Hip Raise-

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Another plank on the list, this one demands you to rest on one arm by your side. This is very effective in burning the fat in the corner of the stomach.

Leg & Hip Raise-

Lie down on your back, now slowly lift your legs straight up, ninety degrees to your body. Next, try to raise your hips and continue doing the reps. This one’s really tough!

Oblique Twists- Again lie on your back and do as suggested in the image above to get in the position. This way your abs will be targetted in an effective manner. You may also perform crunches to get better results.