The Top 5 Movie Climax Scenes


When we watch a movie, it stays with us when the climax shakes our soul. Those detailed discussions about our favorite characters and their ultimate destiny are the beverage we want to drink again and again.

Being a movie buff I watch a new film in about every two days. So I’ve compiled a list of the greatest climax scenes I loved with a spoiler-free review.

5. Blade Runner

Even if you are designed like a god; if you can bleed, you will die. The philosophical and haunting conclusion of one of the greatest science fiction movie will make you reflect on your existence and its futile meaning.

4. Your name

Have you ever loved someone so much that you can feel them inside your own body? What are the lengths you are willing to go to in order have a moment of peace with that person? Your name will leave you speechless and hopeful. If you believe in happy endings or not, you’ve got to see it. 

3. The Godfather

When Michael Corleone puts an end to all who came across as blockade in his path, he becomes the man he never wanted to be. But deep inside he always knew it takes a monster to defeat other monsters.

2. Memento

What if the beginning is the end? A movie which runs in reverse keeping you in the dark like the protagonist who suffers from short term memory loss. The climax/ beginning of the movie makes you wonder if your darkest of actions incite your wildest of passion.

  1. Inception

Be ready to scream your lungs out and tremble when you watch Inception. You will have to pinch yourself in to make sure you are not dreaming. The ending is one of the most discussed climaxes of all time, you should not miss this movie.