The Terminal Is Steven Speilberg’s Underrated Gem


Have you ever been stuck at an airport? For those who have, know how irritating it can be. Well, the story of Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) is too weird to comprehend, but he shares your frustration because he is stuck at an international terminal for god knows how.

Inspired by the true-life events of an Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasser, The Terminal tells the story of Viktor Navorski from Krakozhia who has come to New York for some very personal business. As soon as he arrives at the New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport the validity of his passport expires because the government of Krakozhia is facing a military coup. Now he can neither go back to his country or step into New York. He has to live inside the terminal.

This is just the beginning of the film. As the movie goes on the survival of Viktor becomes more and more entertaining and heartwarming. There have been only a few movies of such brilliant pace, simplicity, and innocence.

I think Steven Speilberg makes such films to remind himself and his fans the world is still a good place if you have something to fight for, and good people around you. Tom Hanks was brilliant as always; he put such soul into his character that you fall in love with him with the first scene. If you are having a bad day, The Terminal will fix your mood.