Lake Tekapo is about three hours away from Christchurch, New Zealand. The name of the Lake is interestingly derived from the Maori language. Teka means a sleeping mat and po means night. The Lake Tekapo is a UNESCO Dark-sky preserve. These places are selected as preserves because they allow an exceptional view of the sky at night, you can see a sky full of stars as if it was your roof.

Beautiful plants called Russell lupins inhabit the shores of the Lake. They create a scenic atmosphere which makes me think that I have landed in some alien wonderland or the movie set of Avatar’s sequel. The air is so pure around the Lake that it surged a rush of happiness in me.

The Lake Tekapo gives a new vibe and landscape with every season; I wish I could have visited the Lake in all four seasons because the picturesque view was changing into something divine and unique with every step I took along the way. There is a beautiful church at the Lake, it is made with stones, and I felt peaceful inside.

There are two more lakes parallel to the Lake Tekapo, namely Lake Pukaki and Lake Alexandria. There is a hydroelectric station at the lakes and the Lake Pukaki and Tekapo are connected through a canal. The River Tekapo fills the Lake. Among all the views I had at the Lake, the night was the most beautiful.