The Report Will Expose The CIA’s Post 9/11 Torture Methods


The age of transparency is giving artists and filmmakers unprecedented freedom. The public is now aware that their protectors were fooling them. The Report sheds more light on such matters further. The film was initially called The TORTURE Report, but they changed the name, I think to appeal to a broader audience. 

Adam Driver and John Hamn are the leads in the film. Adam is playing the role of Daniel Jones, a US Senate Investigator who investigated the CIA’s “Enhanced interrogation techniques,” for more than ten years and discovered many shocking truths. The 6,700 pages of the report uncovered that the CIA used immoral, unbearable, and ineffective torture methods on suspects to divulge sensitive information. Many detainees died under torture which was reported as suicides. These tortures were carried at US Black Sites such as Bagram Air Base, Guantanamo Bay, and Abu Gharib. 

I know face-based movies are not everybody’s forte. Still, as George Orwell’s idea of the future is becoming the ultimate truth, as a society, we should be enlightened about the wrongdoings in the name of patriotism and protection. The trailer was intense, compelling, and shocking. The makers would have fought a long and hard battle to get this project going. Any government agency dislikes bad publicity. I will not disclose the abhorring details of the tortures that were carried out. But I think the movie will let you in on the details of the gravity of this issue.

As George Orwell said, ” “War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”