The Plotline Of HBO’s The Outsider Will Chill Your Spine


Do you know that Stephen King writes ten pages a day? He is a genius who has understood writing books on a depth; no one else ever will. He is the bohemian writer who is infallible in his execution. To read a Stephen King novel is like living a nightmare that you wanted to be awake inside.

HBO has adapted Stephen King’s horror novel, The Outsider. Jason Bateman is playing Terry Maitland, a man who is accused of raping, mutilating, and murdering an 11-year-old boy. The evidence clearly suggests he is the culprit, but Maitland was not even in the town the day of the murder, and he has counter-evidence to prove it. Who is the killer then?

The detective show will leave no stone unturned, and when the truth surfaces, it will shake the ground underneath everyone’s feet. All I can reveal to you is that something beyond your comprehension is haunting Flint City, Oklahoma. Are monsters real? Or they live inside our heads, telling us to execute evil and keep hell alive.

The show will be a supernatural thriller which is reminding us of True Detective. I liked the dark and solemn treatment of the show. The trailer is looking promising, and the miniseries will air in January 2020.