The Outsider Is HBO’s New Attempt To Fill The Void Of True Detective


The first season of True Detective is the greatest first season of any show ever, even Breaking Bad wasn’t as good. True Detective created a shockwave and even the residue of the first season has a major cult fan following. HBO debuted one of its new miniseries based on the Stephen King’ hit novel The Outsider. It is giving some major True Detective vibe in the pilot episode.

A teacher is accused of raping and killing a young boy, inhumane is not even the adjective for the death, it is monstrous. The alleged killer, Terry Maitland has a perfect alibi with pieces of evidence that he was not present in the city at the time, but all his fingerprints and witnesses say otherwise. The murder mystery is complex and supernatural. We can see a shadowy character donned in a black hoodie in some scenes, staring creepily at the Terry’s House.

The Outsider has a dark vibe, but it failed to match the depth of true detective, I have read the novel already and the show is shy of the horror that was depicted by Stephen King. The cast is maintaining true to the character performances.

There is much to be revealed in the coming episodes, it will get creepier, darker and even mind-bending crazy at times. I will be watching the whole miniseries as I loved the novel, and would like to see the character come to life on the screen.