The Original Rick C-137: Do We Follow Him On Every Episode?


So, you might think that you are following the original Rick C-137. Because the show producers have led us to believe the same, and obviously, Rick himself. But is that true?

Who is he?

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In the pilot episode, we can see Rick appearing in Beth’s life after 20 years. But later in the coming seasons and events, you can see Rick holding a baby Morty (when he was captured by evil Rick). And another portrait of Rick and a little Morty (when Morty lands into Bird Person’s house).

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It might be that Rick C-137 is not Rick C-137. He might be off from a different dimension, utterly different to what to watch. The original dimension of this Rick is still unknown. But as the makers have said that we don’t follow the same Rick on all the episodes.

It is a dabble with alternate timelines

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The whole show of Rick and Morty is a dabble with the alternate timelines. As Dan Harmon has said, you won’t be catching your Rickiest Rick every day. As you know that the show is a speck in the endless possibilities in the whole of the multiverse. So it might be that our Rick is not the main lead in every single episode. There are some little pointers that you can follow to keep track.

But for the main episodes or the plot thrillers, it dabbles around our original Rick is known as Rick C-137.

It is a wholesome fun

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Whatever the dimension of Rick is, it is a fantastic show to watch. Dealing with the virtue of endless possibilities, Rick and Morty have an ardent fan base. But with the long-overdue wait of seasons, fans are going crazy. And recently, the plot stories are losing their main grip. Do you think that the show producers will be able to keep the show the same as it is? Or will it another series of overly-long punch lines?