Another treat for Batman fans as the new Batmobile look was released by the director Matt Reeves on his social media accounts. Honestly speaking, this batmobile defied any prediction and looks like a muscle car. I think it’s a refreshing change, till now all the Batmobiles were designed to look either like a tank or something unreal. It’s great that Matt Reeves is planning cool yet functional, seems like he learned all the right lessons from Christopher Nolan on making a Batman movie.

I know for sure the Batmobile will raise the demand for muscle cars yet again. The Batmobile is suiting Robert Pattinson’s slim Batman look. I hope it is as functional as the Tumbler which turned into Batpod in The Dark Knight.

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I particularly hated the Batmobile in Justice League and Batman Vs Superman. That thing was ugly and failed to impress me on any level. The Batman animated series vehicle was the love of my childhood and I can say the new one is the closest thing to it.

Look at the silencer perched at the trunk, this monster car will have some serious torque. The latest video which showed Batman stunt double crashing the Batpod in Glasgow was pretty embarrassing, hope they don’t screw this one up too.

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When it comes to Batman, whatever you do is a hype. The Batmobile looks classic, heavy, and ready for battle. The features of the vehicle are not yet announced, we will have to wait for the first look to arrive.