The Most Unique Shows Of This Decade


The decade of 2010 gave us one of the best shows ever. This is the decade when the rise of web series and online streaming platforms took place. Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO max are few of the examples that kept us entertained. When I contemplated the shows I liked the most and why I came to the conclusion that they were unique, and I am positive that you will agree with me.

Game Of Thrones

Who would have thought that Game Of Thrones would write history? The most-watched television show ever. Game of Thrones had the charm to attract the audience of all genres. Those who didn’t watch fantasy shows were spellbound by the storyline and characters. Too bad it ended as it did.

Black Mirror

The vision of the future is convenient and a dark one. Black mirror explored the fatal and disturbing implications of the everchanging technologies in our life. The idea and execution were so unique that it scared me to death. But we must learn from the show and don’t let technologies control us.


People might not have heard about the show but it is a classy one. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino created a realistic comedy-drama that tells the story of an underground rapper and his manager trying to make it big. It shows the true face of life in so many fun ways. Atlanta is a genius creation and should definitely be in your watchlist.

Rick and Morty

A drunkard, a mad scientist, and an adventurer Rick Sanchez arrives at his daughter’s home after being missing from twenty years. He is a genius idiot who constantly puts the universe at risk. His anxious grandson Morty is his partner in crime. Every frame of this show is unique and filled with nailbiting situations.