The Most Unforgettable TV Performances


Television characters have more depth and investment in their personality. They get more screen time than a movie character, and we get to see them up close in tender or grave moments.

Some actors have portrayed their roles so brilliantly that they will forever be known for their performances. Some men create their enviornment, and some are a product of it. These actors performed remarkably in both situations.

Walter White

“I am the danger. “

A terminally ill chemistry teacher turned Meth Cook who rattled the whole drug industry needs no introduction. Bryan Cranston showed the world what a desperate man is capable of with his consistent acting.

Tony Soprano

“Those who want respect give respect.”

A father, a gangster, and a narcissist. Tony Soprano got it all, but he has a secret, he sees a shrink. The Late James Gandolfini brought life into the character with his meticulous performance.

Sherlock Holmes

“Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.”

Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of Sherlock Holmes shook the world. The modern-day Sherlock has all sorts of problems, but being a genius is not one of them. He is arrogant and eccentric, but we love him to death. The charm that Ben brought in Sherlock was the critical element of the show’s success.

Don Draper

“Make it simple but significant.”

Don Draper is such a meticulous character that even his mannerisms were researched to teach marketing and confidence. A seductive and mysterious man who can sell a comb to a bald man. John Hamn acted with his eyes and played one of the most significant characters ever on Television.