The Man Company Charcoal Cleansers Trio Review


We millennials have a lot to rejoice. The past 15-20 years have catapulted our lives into an era filled with blazing technology that has completely changed this world, and the way we live our lives. But like most things, all this revolution did come at a price. With increasing pollution and climate change, we face a grim future. The effects can be well seen in the present. And to work through this menace, we gear ourselves and seek prevention and shelter.

Pollution from water, air and outside food takes a toll on my skin. And so, I tried a product combo from The Man Company. I always heard benefits of activated charcoal and I bought the company’s peel-off mask, face scrub and face wash with the super ingredient. With three weeks into using them, I have an interesting review for all you men out there.

The Man Co. Charcoal Peel-Off Mask (100 gm)

Face masks are great sources of hydrating skin. And the charcoal activated moringa and gooseberry peel-off mask was no different. Rather, much better. After applying it, I felt a surge of freshness on my face.

It cleansed my pores and got rid of impurities that worried me on a daily basis. Just 15 mins of its application transformed how I looked. My skin felt healthier and radiant. Besides, I got rid off some blackheads too.

The Man Co. Charcoal Face Scrub (100 gm)

I have a mixed skin type, which is dry to oily. And although the face scrub works well for both the dry and oily skin types, it did wonders to mine.

I’ve been using it twice a week before I shave. I use it on a damp face for a minute or so, as I work it up gently. All my dead skin was taken care of to make way for new cells. With lemongrass and eucalyptus as its main ingredients besides charcoal, the feeling was fresh and rejuvenating as I cleaned up my face.

The Man Co. Charcoal Face Wash (100 ml)

Nothing beats a good ol’ face wash when used daily. To my delight, The Man Co. provided one with the face mask and scrub. They surely knew the right combo needs for an Indian man.

I use the face wash twice daily. As I leave for work, it helps me begin my day with freshness and revitalises my facial skin. Also, when back home, washing my face with it helps me shed all the day’s grease, pollutants, debris and the likes into the sink.

After using the product for almost a month now, I can confidently say it’s a life-saver for Indian men. In our current lifestyle, this is an easy peak into keeping our faces healthier, younger, and brighter.