‘The Irishman’ Teaser From Netflix Promises Classical Action-Packed Gangster Drama


With twenty-five narrative films to his credit, Martin Scorsese is a brand in his own might. Just hours back, the Academy Awardee got ‘The Irishman’ teaser released.

Scorsese’s directorial is set in the post-war era and shuffles around the 50s, 60s and 70s. The movie is led by Hollywood stalwarts Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci- All Academy Award winners.

Interestingly, Both Pesci and De Niro have had collaborations with Scorsese in the past. De Niro wins the race and has 9 of them since 1973.

Pacino works with Scorsese for the first time.

The movie is a Netflix production, but will only come to the OTT platform after a theatrical world release. It’s slated to premiere at the opening night of the 57th installation of the New York Film Festival.

The teaser opens with its first scene rounding up De Niro, Pesci and Pacino together. Played by De Niro, Frank Sheeran is a war veteran and a hitman. He is also the film’s protagonist.

The trio promise to deliver some riveting performances through the two-minute length trailer.

The movie is inspired by a classic crime thriller novel by Charles Brandt, ‘I heard You Paint Houses.’ In the novel, Frank Sheeran claims to have killed Jimmy Hoffa.

The feature film depicts organised crime and hovers around one of the biggest disappearances/murders in American History, that of Jimmy Hoffa.

Played by Pacino, Hoffa is a notorious union leader, but very strong, and famously known to have an age-old rivalry with the Kennedys, especially with Bobbie.

Netflix has reportedly spent close to USD 150 Million dollars and is betting big on the classic. With stunning visual effects, the characters have been de-aged. That’s really something and has upped my enthusiasm for the movie.