The Hipster Mecca: Berlin


The capital of Germany amazed me in the most astonishing way possible. I wish to travel here and there and see and live it all, so naturally, I was delighted to hit Berlin, but I didn’t foresee to please it as frequent as I did. I perceived it as being hipster mecca. There surely is that part of the centre, but Berlin has so often better to present. Really, what’s not to admire?

Berlin is a touching stage of cuisines. While I thoroughly had traditional pork currywurst (there’s a full gallery dedicated to currywurst ), the most exquisite dinners I ate were dishes like spaghetti with chestnuts, lamb kofta wraps, tofu stuffed mushroom, halloumi kebabs and spinal knödel and parmesan.

Berlin is surprisingly cheap. At least in comparison to parts of Europe I’ve invested my time in, and easily compared to Mumbai, although occasionally I think like I reside in the most extreme place in the world, I disagree.

As you imagine, there are some very dark and painful episodes of history to plunge into this capital. Parts of Berlin (especially the east) are visibly infested with pellet holes, and the maims of two wars. Sections of the side that kept Berlin arranged for approximately 30 years during the War still survive, albeit strips more colourful than others! And that’s hardly the recent past!! There are so many breathtaking layers of adventure to Berlin