The Greatest Shows To Bingewatch Amid The Lockdown


There are so many new shows premiering every day that we don’t have the time to watch them all. But yes, there was a day, nothing slipped from us. I feel bad for the younger generation, that amid the flood of content, they probably have missed one of the greatest shows that defined history and created a path for the future. Now as the world goes into quarantine lockdown. These are the best shows you can watch.

The Wire

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To me, The Wire will always be the greatest TV series. The Wire was so realistic that they didn’t even hire beautiful looking actors to keep things down to the ground and real. The glimpse into both the sides of the law is absolutely raw and true. It is better than Breaking Bad, yes I said it.

The Sopranos

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I fall short of words while describing the brilliance of this show. I hate that young folks don’t even know about the greatest Mafia show ever. The blend of Psychology and gangsters is a pure joy to watch. You just need to watch the first episode, you will binge watch it I’m sure.

Band Of Brothers

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It is one of the best miniseries ever. Band of Brothers is the true account of Easy Company, which was considered as one of the bravest warriors of WWII. I am personally recommending it to everyone, your lives won’t be the same after watching it.

The Simpsons

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Running since 1989, The Simpsons is the truest example of ‘class is permanent’. When I was in high school, I just rented DVD’s of The Simpsons to watch the show from the beginning, I wasn’t disappointed.