The Greatest Movies Made On Writers


Writers are so underrated. They are the brains behind movies and shows, but nobody knows them. Some movies have given due respect to the form of writing. Without a writers struggle and observations to bring something new and important to the table, we won’t be falling in love with stories. There are a few movies which touched people’s heart and explored the minds and the soul of writers, they are-

The End of The Tour

Have you ever read or heard about a book called ‘Infinite Jest?’ Even if the answer is a no, you must see the end of the tour. David Foster Wallace is still considered one of the greatest American writers of all time. He committed suicide on September 12, 2008. His mind was fascinating and observant. Jason Segal portrayed him brilliantly.


The journey of Truman Capote while he worked on his greatest book, ‘In Cold Blood,’ is intriguing and devastating. He was so disturbed after completing the book, that he never finished another novel in his career. You must watch the movie to learn the dedication of a writer for his passion projects.


Spike Jonze rarely makes a film, but when he makes one, he delivers a classic, unforgettable movie. Adaptation is a mystery movie about a screenplay writer who is adapting one of his favourite novel for a movie. The film ends on a very different note than one would expect.

Midnight in Paris

I have not seen a movie so interesting and fun at the same time. Owen Wilson plays a scriptwriter who gets a chance to travel time every midnight in Paris and meet his favourite authors from history.