The Greatest Hindi Thriller Movies to Keep You on The Edge of Your Seats


Hindi movies are mostly known to be movies of the masses. Dance numbers, romantic storylines, and happy endings are the preference of the Indian audience. But Lately, we are opening our minds to a broad spectrum of movies which challenge us cerebrally. Thriller movies are making their space in the 100 crore clubs.

I cannot be happier about this because all the cast and crew behind such thriller movies get an opportunity to explore their creative potential. These are the movies you must watch to let your mind be gripped in mysteries for hours.


A common man can take down the intelligence of the entire police investigation. When evil knocks on your door, you expel it. Drishyam is a murder mystery in which every moment is full of tension and twists. You can watch the movie with your entire family


Kahani is a movie which will shake your mind and soul. A pregnant woman is searching for her lost husband in the streets of Kolkata. Everyone she meets denies ever knowing her husband. She moves ahead in dangerous territories in search of deeper and darker truth. What she finds out will shake the ground beneath her feet.


A blind pianist is looking for a big break in his career. He meets a veteran actor who invites him to play on his second wife’s birthday. After the event, the pianist has two secrets; he is not blind and witnessed a murder. This leads to a chain of events that wreaks havoc. The movie is a great watch and has plotline twists in every scene. I have not seen a film like Andhadhun; you should watch it too.


Based on India’s most controversial double homicide in which a teenage girl and a servant is suspected to be murdered by the girl’s parents. A brilliant investigator tries to figure out the truth as all the evidence lack conclusion.