The Greatest Animated Movies of All Time


The Animation genre is loved by us all. Creative imagination needed wings which were nearly impossible to shot by a camera back in the day. Cartoons were already famous, and its audience spread to all ages. Animated movies gained traction in the Movie Industry as soon as they arrived.

The first-ever animated movie was made in 1906, namely, Humorous Phases of Funny Faces. Toy Story was the first full-length feature animated film. Pixar should get the credit to expand the scale of making animated features.

Today I will be sharing the names of the greatest animated movies you can see.

Spirited Away

I think Spirited Away is the greatest animated feature film. A Japenese movie in which a little girl is stuck inside a resort for spirits and her parents are turned into pigs. To save herself and her parents from being trapped for eternity she must work her way out of the resort while taking on many adventures.


Humanity has abandoned Earth being a victim of its action. Wall-E is the last robot on Earth who is collecting and recycling the garbage. One fine morning he discovers something, a hope for humanity and himself. He finds love in another robot, EVA. Eva is taken by a spaceship and Wall- E must save her. A heartwarming movie with a thrill that will compel you to watch the entire film in one go.

Toy Story

Andy’s toys are precious, and his life revolves around them. But these toys have a secret, they are very much alive, but a human can never know. The adventures of Woody and Buzz lightyear will take you to a nostalgic ride of your childhood.


I think Ratatouille is one of the most unusual films of all time. A rat who can cook and a chef who absolutely can’t. The partnership of these two is a delicious treat and will rejuvenate your love for food and Paris.