The Gentlemen Is An Elegant Tale Of English Savagery


I am always excited when Guy Ritchie comes up with a new film. I loved his work since he made Snatch, which is one of my most favourite movies ever. Brad Pitt was a god in the movie. I was pumped to watch The Gentlemen because the ensemble has my favourite actors- Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrel, and Huge Grant.

The Gentlemen' Is an Early Contender For Most Stylish Film of the Year
The Toddlers

The costume design of the movie resonates its name, and the underlying multicultural theme gives the story its layers. I loved the twists and turns in the film, a typical Guy Ritchie treatment, but fascinating to watch nonetheless. One more thing I want to appreciate about the movie as the time changes, the audience changes with it. The movie maintained the character arcs to keep all the segments of audiences happy. The toddlers were designed to keep the young folks engaged. Colin Farrel gave a convincing performance as the coach of The Toddlers.


Being a crime comedy, The Gentlemen has its moments. I always appreciate a movie with a good soundtrack; I will be listening to its song for a long time. The pace of the film managed to succeed to keep the audience engaged. I think the editing of the film could have been better.

Class Style Helped Define Look of Guy Ritchie's 'The Gentlemen ...

The movie seems to be set up towards a sequel. I wouldn’t mind watching these amusing characters again on the big screen. The Gentlemen is all about the build-up towards the conclusion, its a smart script, which may not win many awards yet but will make big at the box-office.