The Face Shop Jeju Lotus Gel Will Soothe Your Skin


I prefer to moisturize my skin. My post bathing ritual isn’t complete without the application of hair oil and moisturizer on my skin. I have tried many brands over the years depending on their uses, but only a few of them suited my skin. This time I was looking for something to soothe my skin and be healthy for me.

I tried “The Face Shop Jeju Lotus Gel” this time and to be honest I like it very much. This is the first time I am trying a product with the lotus in it, and now I am regretting why haven’t I tried this before.

The packaging is a bit clumsy as the gel oozes out of the tub, and the gel gets wasted and sticky around the outer rim of the tub. So this is something they need to work on. The packaging needs changing for the better.

The gel is less of a moisturizer but more of a hydrating agent for my face. The lotus soothes my skin, and the aloe vera is always a blessing for all type of skin. It works great if you have sunburn on your skin, it relieves any irritation of skin instantly. I would recommend this product only if you are looking for a hydrating agent, it is not as good as a moisturizer as it claims to be. But, it definitely soothes your skin.