The Deer Hunter Is Hard To Watch


Apocalypse Now is no doubt the greatest war film ever made, but there was another aspect to the Vietnam war that was shown in the movie The Deer Hunter. The title suggests a different movie than what the film was. I was expecting a whole another thing, received something immensely dark and twisted.

The Deer Hunter is divided into four acts, it is one long-ass movie, but it is worth it. If you are making a war movie, you have two choices, either dictate the war or make the art about everything in the life of a soldier. The director Michael Cimino chose the later. The four acts of the film depict drastically different phases of life- weddings, war, isolation, and love. So far, my favourite act was war, but it was too hard to watch.

It is a spoiler but is important to mention: the Russian roulette scenes. These were one of the most intense moments of cinematic history. You have to see it to understand the gravity of this act. How inhumane the war turned, sometimes it destroys your soul to protect your country. Vietnam war was pure madness.

Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and John Savage were an excellent selection for the cast. They carried the story on their shoulders. The Deer Hunter was received very well by the audience and the critics. The movie was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won five of them. If you are looking for a long term realistic art, play the movie ASAP.