The Crazy Evil Morty Theory Explained


The evil Morty song plays. The song will surely send a chill down your spine. At least for me, it went with a slight Goosebumps.

When did it first happen?

The first appearance of evil Morty came into light when our Rick, whom we call Rick 137, is accused from the Council of Ricks for killing various Ricks by travelling to their dimension. Upon reveal, Rick 137 knows for a fact that he is being framed. But who is the evil mastermind? Enters slow clap from the Evil Rick and his Morty with an eye-patch. But as the plot goes, both our Rick and Morty freed themselves and escaped from being killed. But queue to the last cut, we can see the eye-patch Morty opening his patch to reveal that he was the one controlling Rick’s behaviour.

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Who is he?

Little to the unknown, we don’t know where evil Morty came from. Later in the second season, we can see him being elected for the new council (the earlier being destroyed by Rick himself).

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Is he there to hurt our Rick?

Maybe or maybe not. But since the whole plot of evil Morty was revolved around framing Rick in the first appearance, we can link him to our Rick.

So, what does the theory say?

It might sound crazy, but evil Morty might be the real Morty of the Rick we follow. We all know that Rick when given chance of speaking amendments to his final memories, caught a glimpse of his times inside his mind. And from the flashbacks, you can see Rick holding a baby Morty. But in the very pilot episode, we see Rick appearing in Beth’s life after 20 years.

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Might be for the fact that our Rick is the actual Rick of evil Morty. For the opening credits, you might see that Rick is entering another place with his portal gun, leaving his Morty alone. Maybe that is evil, Morty. He was moved by Rick in his original dimension. And since he was raised by Rick from the start, he might have caught the genius senses of Rick. And being a genius himself, he might be the only one to be as equal as Rick.

But this is just a theory.

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Don’t draw lines here since this is just a harmless theory. It might be our Rick’s Morty or not. We don’t know the same yet. Since the producers have yet a long and overdue time to run Rick and Morty, we might be old enough to finally reveal his secrets.