The Clown Prince Of Gotham Is Born (No Spoilers)


Have you been so sad that you couldn’t cry? That you’ve been putting on a mask to hide the pain, but your eyes gave it all away. Are all of your thoughts are negative thoughts? Then you must be Arther Fleck. Joker has become the apotheosis of Arther Fleck into Joker, the god of mayhem.

It has been a while since I’ve called a film perfect. Joker is dark, tragic, gripping, and raw. The movie reminds me of The Dark Knight, where Heath Ledger’s Joker said, “People are only as good as the society allows them to be.” When the society plummets to the lowest depth of decadence, an insane victim becomes the Massiah.

Disparaged by everyone, Arther seeks solace in his jokes and his mother. He often sleeps into delusion, and when he wakes up to reality, he laughs helplessly. Society will batter you just because you are not the same as them. The world is cold, heartless, and unempathetic; Joker becomes the perfect mirror to that.

Juaquin Phoenix has outdone himself; any words of praise are short of congratulating him on this powerful performance. Todd Phillips has created his magnum opus which probably will win him an Oscar. Lawrence Sher’s cinematography has captured every performance with raw emotions.

Joker is a timeless classic which you will not forget. We loved the enigma that no one knew who Joker was; now we love him even more because of this origin story. Whenever you want a killing joke, send in the clowns.