The City Of Dreams Is City Of Mediocrity


Set in the eruptive world of state politics, Nagesh Kukunoor’s directs web series which travels into the backdrop where political servants and politician family control the brokering and the optics that make or break political careers.

The narration starts with several plot situations which looks hardly connected and with the origin of the story. As a watcher, you are usually lost thinking about what reaction, if any, the scenes brings. The editors struggle to invest in several defining moments for the figures. Still, in conclusion, everybody plays out entirely as you would think about a typical Indian storyline to perform out with actors doing something that ultimately ignores their evolution.

The acting is dull the only exception being character Purnima raising from the mediocrity. The story feels stretched, and there is not a single good point about the screenplay. All episodes feel like they are dragging themselves in the mud with the climax.

Political shows are incredibly dull to see as they less likely bring good composition. City of dreams fails to breaks these stereotypes and turns out as flop show. From its songs to cast everything is very bland. The narrative is imaginary and looks more unpleasant. Every chapter finishes with a mediocre climax. If you still want to watch this after reading, be my guest.