The Case For Using Body Oils, Explained


The trend of body oils has evolved from being a Thailand exotica to a bathroom necessity. Body oils are enriched with hydration-boosting stimulants that are loaded with vitamins, acids, and moisture that creams and lotions simply cannot carry.

Should body oils be used apart from massages?

Your understanding of body oils must have come from massages. Well, oils are great for a spin around the back but there is so much more to it than a good hand twist. So yes, you can definitely use it all over your body outside the massage room.

What is the purpose of body oils?

Body oils do more than deep moisturizing, they work within your skin to change its dynamic and heal your dead cells. In order to keep your skin moisturized, you should apply body oils after a shower to boost your skin’s conditioning.

How can oils be used to repair your body?

Body oils are used to repair stretch marks and skin discoloration. It can also be used to repel insects when used within the right combinations.

It can also be used as a lip moisturizer, makeup remover, cheekbone highlighter, and facial oiling.

Moving on to hands and feet, oils can also soften your cuticles and hydrate your feet.

Body oils are great for you and can be included in your daily routine. Give them a try.

Take care. Toodles for now.