The Cancellation Of An Emmy Nominated Sitcom


‘Life Of Bonnie’ was & remains one of my all-time favourite TV shows. Unlike many sitcoms of today, this show had the most creative writing and was extremely funny without being crude or having to rely on sexual jokes. It till date remains one of the only shows that allowed my family and me to sit down and watch it together.

The series ‘Life Of Bonnie’ focused on Bonnie Molloy played by Bonnie Hunt as a woman who juggled the roles of wife, mother and host of the local morning talk show Morning Chicago. The show’s premise was deceptively simple. At home, Bonnie bantered with her doctor husband who was played by Mark Derwin, a son with a mop of unruly red hair played by Charlie Stewart, a daughter with a ruffled blonde hair played by Samantha Browne-Walters, and finally, a baby boy she carried around. ‘Life With Bonnie’ was great at capturing the chaos as well as the seemingly mundane moments of family life — running late for school and work, conducting constantly interrupted conversations with a spouse. Hunt’s acting was terrific here and guaranteed praises from all.

Now, the question that lurks in the minds of many, including mine, is that if the series did so well then why was it cancelled?

It is a legitimate question and one that hasn’t been addressed properly. Hence, let me provide you with my hypothesis backed by some facts about why the show was cancelled.

The ratings for season one were pretty decent and allowed a safe path for the second. But unfortunately, its start was bumpy with lots of obstacles in its way. The number one reason for that was the show stripping Bonnie Hunt of a TV daughter — played handily by Samantha Browne-Walters — with no proper explanation. It was a puzzling move, as Hunt had some sweet moments with the girl, and dropping her did nothing to alleviate the issue of crowding within the show.

The second reason was the overcrowding of characters in the sitcom. There were nine regulars that garnered attention which unsurprisingly turned out to be a major reason why many dropped the show. The ratings dramatically dropped too.

The third and major reason why the show was dropped was that there was a network-wide comedy cull going on, which, alongside with ‘Life With Bonnie’, cancelled sitcoms such as ‘Married To The Kellys’, ‘It’s All Relative’, and ‘I’m With Her’.

Because of all these reasons a month after the final episode of Life With Bonnie season 2 aired, ABC went public with the news it had decided to cancel the sitcom.