The Best Watch Brands in India


A gentleman must have a watch on his wrist or else he is not entirely dressed. A wristwatch is not just a fashion statement but a part of your elegance.

The Indian watch market is inundated with brands, and it gets challenging to choose the watch that suits your style. As well as the market is littered with copies of the original that are made of cheap materials. But I have worn some of the brands over the years and have narrowed it down to these companies. These brands are trustworthy, stylish, and elegant.


Titan Edge Ceramic

Titan controls more than 60% of the Indian watch market through a variety of brands. A Titan watch is always a quality product, and the variances are available for all the generations and genders.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Access Smart Watch

Essentially made for women, Michael Kors is the epitome of standard watches and will suit on the wrist of a classy lady. The premium look of their watches is designed to portray luxury.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger TH1790966J Analog Watch

Tommy Hilfiger is known for its comfortable watches with a metallic finish. They are a fashion statement and a colorful collection of watches. It is one of the most prominent brands in India.


FOSSIL Q Activist

Every young man who is into watches knows the name of Fossil. It is a sign of success and style. If you are wearing a Fossil dial, people will recognize it and take a glance at the least.