The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones For Every Type Of Traveler


If you ask me one thing, I cannot miss absolutely while commuting or travelling is my pair of headphones. I feel lost if I forget to take them while leaving home. However, not any pair of headphones would work for me. So here are some headphones that will successfully cancel out the incessant bawling of the baby and you can sleep in peace. However, before we proceed, let me explain how noise-cancelling headphones work.

The built-in microphone picks up the sound waves from the background noises, and then the integrated noise-cancelling system emits waves of the same amplitude of opposite phase, and you can sleep or watch the movie in peace.

A. Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones – These sleek headphones balances the noise-cancelling levels according to your environment. The Hi-Res audio ensures that you hear the music the way it was recorded with minimal distortion. The battery will last up to 30 hours.

B. Bose Quiet comfort 35 Series II Wireless Headphones: When it comes to audio systems, there is no technology like that of Bose’s. You can regulate the amount of background noise you want to hear for situations like babysitting your naughty nieces and nephews. You would want to keep a check along with enjoying your music. Its noise-rejecting dual-mic system allows you to calls clear as crystal. The battery lasts up to 20 hours in wireless mode and 40 hours with wire.

C. Linner NC50 Active Cancelling Wireless Headphones: These are Bluetooth headphones that cancel out 97% of the background noise. The neckband is sweatproof so workout without worrying whether your sweat will damage the headphones. The battery will last up to 13 hours.

D. Cozy Phones Sleep Headphones: As the name suggests, these are perfect for sleep. These are washable Lycra sleep headphones that will effectively block out any disturbing voice and come with a travel bag. It is compatible with most devices.

E. Maxrock Sleep Earplugs: These are light and soft, made of silicone and fits like an earplug. No matter what position you sleep, it’s dual-layer ergonomic design will ensure that the earplugs stay in place. It is good for your morning meditation and yoga session.