The Best Electric Guitars To Buy In India


My life has always been surrounded by music. I can remember when I was five and my father used to play songs on Casio. Later, I bought a guitar at the age of fourteen and that was the day my life changed. I would suggest that you buy an Electric Guitar only after you’ve mastered playing the Acoustic. It’s a wonderful instrument, but you need some expert advice before you buy one, that’s why I am here.

Fender Squier 0370005506 Bullet Fat Stratocaster

Affordable price range, low maintenance, and three pickups make it a great first-time electric guitar. My first electric guitar was a Squier only. The brand name of Fender and rosewood neck is enough for me to suggest it to anyone.

Kadence AstroMan Electric Guitar

Those who have a kadence guitar love it to the core. With two single pickups and one humbucker pickup, it is the perfect guitar for you if you play both leads and chords on your guitar. It can help you switch to songs faster if you are playing live.

Cort CR250VB Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar

No guitar can compare to the sexiest design of Les Paul guitars, but this is the next best thing you can have. The mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard will give you crisp sound without any issue of bending in monsoon.

RockJam RJEG02-SK-BB Electric Guitar Starter Kit

This is a special mention from my side. If you want to buy a whole guitar kit and don’t have enough budget, this is the perfect option for you. Master your module and then switch to more expensive technical stuff.