The Best Deodorants for Men Under Rs. 300


There are a number of deodorants available in the market. Us men are not that bright when it comes to choosing amid a lot of options. When we are in a store trying to buy a fragrance that suits us, we get mixed up to select the best option. Budget is also a factor while choosing the deo. What men seek is a long-lasting fragrance which can run for a few hundred sprays.

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deodorant

Rosemary, cedar leaves, and green apple are key ingredients of this sporty deo from Adidas. It is a suitable choice for folks who are sporty and want a pleasant fragrance on the go.

Brut Original Deodorant Spray

Brut is a signature Deodorant brand. If you need a pungent fragrance to mark your presence at a party or a public gathering, But Original is the flavor to spray on.

Nivea Fresh Protect Original

This gasless deo keeps you fresh and smelling great all day long. The bottle lasts longer than most deodorants available in the market. The fragrance is enriched with water extracts.

Nike Urban Musk Deodorant

The fragrance of Nike Urban musk dominates over any body odor. A great product from the world-famous brand Nike is the first choice of men when going on a date.

Axe dark temptation deodorant

A wildly popular brand. To me, it is the best fragrance available in the market and I apply it daily. As the market proposes, the ladies they love a good smell, Axe dark temptation delivers that perfectly.