The Best Biopics On Politicians To Watch


Politics is so interesting. Every single life of society is influenced by it. The harshest of people who can handle stress on levels we can’t even think of, become the leaders of our countries. Political thrillers are the most gripping movies to watch. I have seen so many films and these are the best biopics on politicians, which showed what they truly were.


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Christian Bale gave one helluva performance playing Dick Cheney. The movie was important behind the scenes story of how the Government of George W. Bush operated and how they handled the 9/11 scenario. Moreover, Dick Cheney was a charismatic and influential leader, who was firm in decisions.

Darkest Hour

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Gary Oldman was near perfect as one of the greatest politicians the world has ever seen, Winston Churchill. The movie is about how Churchill led The United Kingdom in WWII and defeated Hitler’s army with his experience and intelligence.

The Front Runner

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Huge Jackman plays Gary Hart, a presidential candidate who was almost certain to become the President. But one mistake ended his career, he had an extramarital affair, which went public.


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It is one of my most favourite movies. Whenever I am in the need for some motivation and positivity, I watch Invictus. The poem is so strong to make a person believe in themselves. Nelson Mandela was a prophet of peace and he united Africa like no other man.


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Daniel Day-Lewis collaborating with Steven Speilberg is a pleasure to watch. He revived President Abraham Lincoln in the movie. I think it is a must-watch film to understand how he fought to end the evil of Slavery in the United States.