The Best Adult Cartoons You Should Be Watching Already


We loved watching cartoons in our childhood, and we still love watching them as an adult. But the content we demand is very different from our childhood. Some television shows actually needed to be in animation so that the vision of the creators could manifest itself. I am a huge fan of animated shows and here are my favourites.

  • Family Guy

The show deals with the story of a dysfunctional family that finds chaos in even the most mundane events of life. Peter, the father, is an alcoholic who takes on adventures beyond his means. A toddler who is also an evil genius, a dog, who can talk who is also a published writer. What more do you want from a show?

  • South Park

Four fifth graders continue taking the whole town of South Park with their misfit adventures. Eric Cartman is the evilest character the cinematic world has ever seen. South Park is a show made with intelligence, vision, and take on the irony of this world.

  • Death Note

Imagine getting your hands onto a book which can kill anyone if you write their name on it and the way they die and when will they die. All you have to do is imagine their face while writing. Not enough for you to binge-watch? All of this and the show is a Detective series. I bet you will want to watch it now.

  • Attack on Titan

Humanity had met its end years ago by a legion of Humanoid giants called as Titans. What is left of humanity is living under three walls. One day these giants penetrate the walls and begin the extinction of humanity. But they will meet their match, Eren Yeager who will take his revenge and is also humanity’s last hope.

  • Rick and Morty

The crazy duo of an alcoholic genius scientist and his grandson where they travel through galaxies or like microorganisms inside a human body. The vision, craziness, and storylines are the thing of a different dimension. We can’t have enough of it.