The Beautiful Prashar Lake In Himalayas Has A Deep Mystery Linked To It


I have been to many places, but none of them had a view like the Prashar lake. The beautiful lake and the temple besides has a secret that is preserved for ages. The lake is at the height of 2730 m above sea level. It is not a popular spot so you won’t find hoards of tourists mulling around. Prashar lake is a place where only those souls go wo have the courage to face their fears.

Dhauladhar ranges in the Kully Valley surround the lake. There is an exciting thing to know about; the lake has a floating island which moves around the lake. The island is mostly plant-based and covers only 7% of the lake area.

The mystery that ties the lake to our mythological history is that it was created by Lord Bhima when the Pandavas were returning by smashing his elbow into the ground. He did so for their companion Lord Kamrunag because he wanted to live at this very place forever.

Another mystery to the lake is that a baby built the temple by his hands, carving it from a single tree in the 13th century. To this date, nobody has been able to determine the depth of the lake. Many have tried, but all have failed.

The lake is called as Prasher as the temple, and the lake is dedicated to the Rishi Parashar, who is believed to have meditated on the banks of the lake. If you are near Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, you should trek up to the sacred lake.