The Beach Bum is The Ultimate Stoner Movie


I was waiting for a movie like the Beach bum since “The Pineapple Expres.” Matthew McConaughey acted so brilliantly that every time he was on the screen, I couldn’t take my off in apprehension of what bizarre act he might pull now.

Matthew McConaughey plays Moondog, an addicted writer from Florida who is married to a rich lady Minnie (Isla Fisher). They are madly in love, but that doesn’t stop them from keeping an open marriage where they make love to whoever they want.

Being a writer myself, I loved what Moondog had to offer as a writer to the film, his raw and succinct poetry, his drug-infused mornings and nights, his unhinged attitude is what made him a genius in the film.

Apart from Matthew, the legendary rapper snoop dog plays Lingerie, a rapper and Moondog’s best friend who is having a sexually charged affair with Moondog’s wife. It is just the setting of the movie; as the film progresses, it becomes so much more than just a party. It becomes a struggle of a creative man who must put his work above his addictions to save him from himself.

The Beach bum is a wild wil ride. Those who smoke pot will love the movie and learn a lesson or two from the life of an addict. It’s not always as fun as it sounds. It’s not a masterpiece, but an entertaining film for sure.