The Ancient City of Petra Will Make You Time Travel


When you are in Petra, Jordan, you will be transported to a land where time began. It blows my mind to see a city so intact after all these years. Petra is about 3 hours away from Amman; Petra was Built by Nabataeans about 2,000 years ago Who are famous in history for their knowledge of architecture.

Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, carved into soft stones. Once you arrive at Petra, your jaw remains agape as you wonder how did they accomplish such beautiful designs and a fully functional city 2,000 years ago by carving into gorges and rock formations.

Nabataeans carved out a 3,000 sitting theatre. Look at the seamless architecture of the beautiful place. You will have to take a flight of 800 rock-cut stairs to reach this magnificent theatre.

The royal tombs of Petra will illuminate you about the rich history of Petra. Petra was part of the ancient silk road which connected China, India, and the middle east to do transport goods.

To explore Petra in its entirety, you will need a tour of atleast four days. Earthquakes destroyed most of the city, but a lot of structures remain intact, which include the Royal Tombs and the Treasury.

Al Khazneh

To reach the Treasury, you will need to walk a kilometer through the gorge of Siq. The Treasury is also known as Al Khazneh. The Treasury is an intricately carved megalithic structure. The folklore says that there are still treasures buried under the Treasury, I would like to believe that as a traveler. There are several gunshot holes on the Treasury, maybe someone tried to plunder on the treasure back in the day but definitely failed.

Petra is one of the most fascinating places on the planet; you must visit to re-live a part of history.