Tastiest Sweets From India That You Must Try Now


India is a country where you will find the most diverse range of sweets. Sweets are consumed on every festival, a pious occasion, or any event that require celebration. Hell, we don’t need an occasion even to satiate our sweet tooth.

Every state has a speciality of theirs. Different occasions require different sort of sweets. Where else would you find this in the world? West Bengal is known as the undisputed king state of sweets. The best sweets from every state found a place in the sweet stores across the whole country. That’s what I love about India; we are united when it comes to food.


Made from Semolina dough (Sooji) and cottage cheese. These sweet dumplings are served dipped in sugar syrup. Rasgulla originated from West Bengal and is one of the most popular sweets in India. From kids to senior citizens, we all love to fill our mouths with these sweet and juicy Rasgullas.


Kalakand is also known as milk cake and is made from dried milk (Khoya). It is prepared in a large pan where milk is stirred till it dries and then other ingredients are added like dry fruits. The sweet is then cut into peices to serve.


The most consumed sweet dish of India, Jalebi is the favourite breakfast sweet. Unlike other Indian sweet dishes, Jalebi is deep-fried in oil then dipped in sugar syrup to serve hot; usually along with Poha, Samosa, or Kachori.

Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is India’s most beloved festival dish. It is served mostly at the time of Diwali or Rakshabandhan. Made from Cashu and sugar, it tastes like heaven in your mouth. It is served by cutting it up in diamond shape.