Tanhaji Trailer Is Out And It Looks Beyond Epic


What the Bahubali movie franchise did for Indian cinema is that they took a risk and opened the doors of history to be re-lived through cinema. I am not saying that historical dramas were not made before Bahubali but, the creative team fo Bahubali devised a formula to be profitable with large scale products that foretell epic tales of our great nation.

Invaders are a large part of our history and reclaiming those invaded lands and forts is also a part of it. Tanhaji is one such attempt to let the audience know the story of a fierce warrior and a genius tactical commander, Tanhaji Malusare. He attacked an impregnable fort. He reclaimed it for Shivaji Maharaj, defeating the army of Udaybhan Rathod, who was a Mughal army general and gatekeeper of the fortress of ‘Kunthal,’ which is known as ‘Singhad’ today.

I was keen and waiting for the Tanhaji trailer to release because of Ajay Devgan. There are very few leading actors in the industry today who act with their eyes, Ajay is the best of them. I loved the trailer of Tanhaji; it had emotions, revolution, and convincing performances. Although a few action scenes reminded me of the movie 300, only the release of the film will speak of its authenticity.

Tanhaji is a big project but a necessary one. The director of the film is Om Raut, and it is the first venture as a director. He must have had some vision to convince the producers that he is the best choice for it. Tanhaji is releasing on January 10, 2020. I have high hopes from the movie, and the trailer just raised the bar.