Tanhaji Review: A Visual Treat


Indian audience must learn about the unsung warriors who would lay their life happily to protect the nation. The very core of Indian history is designed by such valour. Tanhaji was one such warrior who delivered the impossible. He took back the Kondhana fort (Now known as Singhad) from Aurangzeb and his loyal fort keeper Udhaybhan Singh Rathod, the film is based on the battle and the events leading up to it.

Tanhaji is a 3D movie, will be fun for the family and children to watch it together. The visual effects of the movie are good for the film. Tanhaji is made for commercial appeal while telling the history that needs to be heard by the younger generations. The storytelling has nothing special in it, we have seen this style of filmmaking plenty of times.

Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgan have performed strongly. These two were polar opposites of each other. The final battle sequence deserves all the praises. The action was inspired by many Hollywood films, but it is still exciting to watch. The film’s villain Udaybhan is an evil man, but he knows his limits when it comes to a woman.

Tanhaji is a noble, god-fearing, family man who puts his nation above anything else. He delays his son’s wedding to lead the battle, a true patriot. Tanhaji establishes a sense of nationalism in a good way, it will do some good for the people watching, filling them with pride and honour.