Taika Waititi Approached To Make The New Star Wars Film


Taika Waititi is having an amazing time with Disney. First, he directed Thor: Ragnarok for Marvel, then he directed and gave voice in Star Wars extended universe show ‘The Mandalorian,’ which is brilliant by the way. In 2019, he wrote and directed ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ which is nominated for six Oscars. Waititi is like a ripe fruit which is being enjoyed by both Disney and the audience.

He is a creative visionary, a talented actor, and an impressive voice artist. Lucasfilm is showing their confidence and faith in Taika by giving him the responsibility of leading the new Star Wars movie. This is huge for both the fans and the studio. The Skywalker Saga has ended, and the whole universe of Star Wars will be taken into a new direction. New characters, new planets, and a whole new story. I think Taika Waititi is the right guy for the job. He can handle the pressure and the scale of a massive project with ease.

Taika is not agreeing or denying the rumours, he is simply enjoying the buzz that his fans are creating. The Rise of Skywalker didn’t perform as expected at the box office. Disney wants the new trilogy to be as good as the original one.

At first, the creators of Game of Thrones, Benioff and Weiss were chosen to develop the new trilogy, but they quit for a Netflix project which paid more. Rian Johnson will probably be busy in the Knives Out sequel production. In this situation, only Taika Waititi can save the day. We are still waiting for confirmation.