Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Food In Australia


Australia is a potpourri of culture and food. Their blend is just the right amount of perfect and they have been very accepting of the cuisines from all over the world. The world-renown reality tv program, MasterChef Australia has given us all a glimpse into their culture and how food is such an integral part of their living standards. You would be surprised to know there is more to their food stories than the eye can see, so let’s look into eh mate?

There are crawlies everywhere

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They are not afraid to get handsy with creepy crawlies, Aussies are known to consume a wood-eating larva and it is known to provide protein and strengthens bones and muscles

Do you know about the sweet tooth?

What do you know, their sweet tooth is incomparable, 45 million packets of Tim Tams are consumed every year by Australian.

The national cake is something difficult to pronounce

The National Cake of Australia is the ‘Lamington’. This cake is ideally a sponge cake that is covered in chocolate and coconut shavings, a layer of jam or cream is spread between two lamington cakes to spruce up the occasion.

The meat pie is a snack

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Take away the meat pie. Though the Aussies were not the first to introduce meat pies in the world, the high demand and popularity it gained during its introduction it was labelled Australia’s first take away food, a time before fast-food chains.

No, no

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The National Animal can be plated up. It is sure to have crossed your mind, and the answer is yes, Kangaroos are edible. They are an important part of the local cuisine and a must-have if you are down there.

Burgers are fun here

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Australian burgers have a slice of beetroot in them. Well, it is not the worst thing in the world, the beet slice is healthy and nutritious, and we got to balance out the meatiness of that beef burger.

There you have it, 7 interesting food facts about our favourite desert land, Australia.