Sugar: The Devil Soaked in Sweetness


Of the Seven Deadly Sins mentioned in Christianity, one happens to be Gluttony. A sin that is believed to be deadly. So what exactly is Gluttony? It is the overindulgence and overconsumption of food to the extent of swallowing and gulping down food. But then, what does it have to do with Sugar being devilish? I mean, a doughnut from Dunkin’s or MOD never seems to threaten me. Nor does my 2.25-liter party pack Pepsi trouble me. Instead, the poor guy sells itself for a good 30% less at my neighborhood departmental store. Yeah, that’s for half the price it would cost me to fill Petrol in my bike. Let’s list out the gravest issues that come with consuming added/refined sugars.

  • Sugar favours Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

Consumption of sugar triggers dopamine secretion, which leads to the further craving of sugary and sweetened products. Hence, the imbalance in a diet loaded with simple carbohydrates that turn into fat in no time. It is no hidden fact that excess sugar consumption actively and directly leads to Diabetes. And once a person is hooked to the disease, it is one such evil that never leaves a patient’s side. Too much sugar consumption also opens pathways to heart diseases as it can increase blood pressure and cause chronic inflammation.

  • Excess Sugar impairs Immune System

Excessive intake of Sugar tends to compromise one’s immune system as it increases presence in the bloodstream and inhibits Vitamin C’s entry into cells. Hence, the WhBCs fork with limited to no potency against foreign bodies and infection.

  • Sugar promotes Aging.

Presence of collagen promotes elasticity to our skin, and thereby, keeps the wrinkles at bay. However, with the intake of excess sugar in the body, collagen is degraded from type III to type I. This, in turn, reduces elasticity and causes the formation of wrinkles.

  • Sugar Causes Tooth Decay

It is probably the world’s worst kept secret that sugar consumption causes tooth decay. A colourless layer of bacteria covers our teeth, that is invisible in the beginning. It is known as plaque, or specifically, dental plaque. When dental plaque interacts with the sugar we consume, it secretes an acid that damages and decays our teeth, by invading the enamel surrounding each tooth. This leads to cavity formation, and the disease caused is known as dental caries.