Step By Step Foundation Application for Flawless, Even Skin


Isn’t it frustrating that investing in a good foundation is not enough for having a sheer look as you step outside the house?

Well, such was the case for me. Turns out, makeup is an art. And you can get really good at it, given you follow the rules. After years of badgering myself over cracked face and deep lines, I finally have stumbled upon the best foundation routine.

Here is the best step-by-step foundation application method, for a flawless, even skin:

#1 Prime your face

Priming must be the first step of your makeup routine. You can choose any product and lather it evenly on your skin with the help of your fingers or a puff.

Apply the primer evenly on your face, and let it sit on your skin for 60 seconds.

#2 Apply an even layer of a foundation that suits your color tone the best

Once you are settled on your skin color, transfer the foundation directly to your skin. The goal is for your entire skin to be covered with an even coat of the product.

The next step is to dab the sponge in some water and rinse the excess away.

#3 Once the sponge is damp, start tapping in on the skin in circular motions

Caution: Do not rub the product over your skin. Simply dab it in repeated motions. The product must set in naturally.

Do not forget to set your face with a thin layer of powder.

Hope this helped. Toodles, cutie!