StBotanica Organic Pure Argan Oil Review


I like things that are pure and effective. I was being transferred to another floor and a new department at the office, one of my best friends, used to sit with me in the bullpen and she gave me a parting gift. It was a sweet gesture from her; I didn’t open the gift until I came home. I found an unexpected item in the package. It was StBotanica Organic Pure Argan Oil.

She chose the right gift for me as she knew what sort of products I need to match my lifestyle. I am using the StBotanica Organic Pure Argan Oil for about a month now.

The StBotanica Organic Pure Argan Oil came in a small yet attractive bottle, which had sprayed on top of it. The spray is working fine still. There is no one use of pure argan oil. I use it as an aftershave to smoothen my skin. You can also use it on your face in the winter months to avoid cracked skin. Just one drop is enough for your whole face, and it does not leave any oily effect. I used it on my acne, and the oil helped in that also.

There is only one ingredient in StBotanica Organic Pure Argan Oil. The pure cold-pressed oil does not contain any harsh chemicals; it is suitable for all skin types. It has no added fragrance or anything else, just pure argan oil.

The argan oil can be used on the hair; also, it will help them grow thicker, and nourish your scalp. It was the best gift I received in a long time, and I will give her something similar in return.