StBotanica Anti Oxidant Boost Serum And Moisturiser Review


I am conscious about my face; I always take proper care of my face and skin to retain my youth. All these corrupting elements in the enviornment are not making it any easier. All the people who want to maintain their health have a tough task ahead of them, choosing the right products for skin care.

I found a new product that was one of its kind, the StBotanica Anti Oxidant Boost Serum + Moisturiser. I decided to buy it and see if the brand of StBotanica has created a good product or not.

To use the StBotanica Anti Oxidant Boost Serum + Moisturiser, I spray it on my face and massage gently avoiding the eyes. It gets absorbed by my skin quickly. One important thing to mention is that I cleanse my face properly before applying the serum+ moisturizer.

The StBotanica Anti Oxidant Boost Serum + Moisturiser comes in an attractive bottle, and they spray works well all the time. The serum + moisturizer is rich in antioxidants which fight the free radicals in the environment. There are many other ingredients in it like, green tea extract, citrus extract, glycerine, lotus, and others.

My skin felt tighter and younger after the use; it has been an excellent product. Even my uneven skin tone vanished after regular use. I agree it is a bit expensive product, but the results make it worth the investment.