Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil Will Save Your Hair for Sure


I have been struggling with a dandruff problem for years, and now I am facing a hair fall problem when I turned 26. Some people said it was genetic; some people said it was my diet, but I couldn’t just sit and watch my head go bald.

I researched meticulously and found out that onion oil can be the solution to both my problems. I rummaged through the pages of the internet and found Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth impressive. I ordered it online, and now as I am using it regularly, I can see a significant difference in my hair fall, and they are growing thick too.

The Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth comes in a plastic bottle with a lid and a tiny opening which is comfortable to squeeze out the oil. I loved the fact the oil was not greasy, and I hate greasy oils. It is a 100% natural oil, which is free from paraben and other harmful chemicals.

The onion oil is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties which helps my scalp and hair to be healthy and fight any damage that comes my way. It also includes a mix of thirteen essential oils which enrich my hair by conditioning them. Few of the thirteen oils are Brahmi, coconut, grapeseed, need, amla, and bringraj oil.

After two weeks of usage, I found out that my hair was stronger, smoother, and the hair fall had reduced drastically. The dandruff was making it’s way out of my life too. If you want your hair protected and smooth, you should buy Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil For Hair Growth.