Southeast Asia Trip: 5 Key Tips For Your First Trip To Southeast Asia


Whether your reason to travel to Southeast Asia is your love for the history of the Ho Chi Minh trail or crushing on the Korean pop star, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you set off on your Southeast Asian adventure. Here we go!

Have a plan in place:

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Yes, spontaneity in life is much appreciated as it adds colour to one’s life; however, indulging it in your travel can land you in hot water. Therefore, do not be seduced by the idea of having authentic experience by jetting off with just a backpack and your wanderlust. Do your homework especially if you want to check out the less known places, connect with people who have travelled before and ensure that you have everything you need. Do not commit the rookie mistake of leaving everything to fate. They look good in films but its altogether another story in real life.

But don’t kill the fun by being too meticulous:

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Do not go on an overdrive and kill all fun by planning minute to minute of your journey. Ensure that your itinerary is flexible so that you can add some impromptu places or some surprising local interaction or event.

Book the hotels in advance.

No matter how spontaneous you are, make sure that you have booked your hotels or AirBnbs in advance. If you fail to do so, then be prepared for spending the night on the footpath. Also, it is not safe to wander alone in an unfamiliar place. Also, it will give your trip a structure and also ensure that you move according to your plan.

Pick up keywords in the local language.

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I know it is not possible to learn a language in a few days; however, you can pick up some keywords or much-needed words in the local language. It will kill two birds with one stone – you’ll be able to navigate better; also people will open up to you and you will leave the place with better-than-expected-memories.

So, ready for the adventure?