South Park’s Ban In China Proves Their Point Exactly


South Park has always been that show which talked about the elephant in the room. It holds no bar when it comes to bringing the spotlight onto the taboo issues of the world. Recently the new season of South Park aired, and in the second episode, which ironically was named “Band In China,” they mocked the Chinese Government and communism.

For those who don’t know about Communism and China, their propaganda does not allow much freedom of speech, and the Government only allows filtered content to be shown in public. The audacious and yet accurate depiction of the Chinese Government’s strictness got South Park banned in China. The episode’s name suggests that they knew what was going to happen, and that’s brave, to lose a market like China. South Park may be a toilet humor show, but they shy away from telling the truth.

Winnie-the-pooh also was banned in China as some memes mocked him being compared to their president XI Jinping. Such intolerance by the Chinese Government was also shown in the South Park episode. The fanbase of South Park is so strong that it will still be watched all over the world. I hope the ban gets lifted; the Chinese people are in desperate need of good comedy.