Soundcore Anker Bluetooth Speaker Review


Being a tech junky has worked out well for me in the past years. So many promising technologies are being commercialized that are available in affordable rates for us. I am a musician and I am serious about my speakers. I need crisp clear sound to enjoy and learn from the music I listen to. Recently, I bought the Soundcore Anker Bluetooth Speaker.

The Soundcore Anker Bluetooth Speaker is a 360-degree speaker which has vibrant LED lights at its base. It arrived in a stylish package. The Speaker weighed approximately 1kg and is ideal for an outdoor setting. The speaker runs on Lithium Polymer Battery, a full charge plays 20 hours of music. TheSoundcore Anker Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for pool parties as it is IPX 7 waterproof, which means you can submerge it in water entirely and it will still play music.

The light at the base is so colourful, it sets the mood for music and party. The Soundcore Anker Bluetooth Speaker comes with an 18-month warranty. The speaker has outstanding Bluetooth connectivity with a good range. I played a few good party songs like Are You Lonely feat. ISAK by Steve Aoki & Alan Walker and some Black Eyed Peas music. The bass rocked our party with its two passive radiators.

The Soundcore Anker Bluetooth Speaker can fit easily in your bag and you won’t feel much heavier carrying it around. I think my investment in this device has paid off. My friends love it when I bring it to a party or just a listening session with my fellow musicians.