Sons Of Anarchy Is About Motorcycles, Crime, And The Bitter Truths Of Life


Jax Teller is a young man who owns a motorcycle club. He is also a gangster and a father of an infant. His life is full of heists, betrayals, and loyalty. Jax loves his Motorcycle club, ‘Sons Of Anarchy,’ more than anything.

To me, Sons of Anarchy was one of the most emotionally compelling dramas of all time. The traumas of being an adult are perfectly depicted though Jax Teller and his family. How a man becomes a monster, and when he realizes, what he chooses makes all the difference.

Sons of Anarchy is not just a crime-family drama; it explores the moral boundaries of right and wrong, racism, corruption, and Loss. Although the heists and are exciting, what follows later is a wake-up call for every kid who wants to join a life of crime. Not only you risk prison sentence, but you also lose a part of yourself that you cannot ever get back.

The show ran for five seasons, each of the seasons followed a different theme, and it got darker and darker wich each season. It was relatable to my life in lots of ways. Actual gang members supervised the reality of motorcycle gangs, so it is quite an insight into the world of crime. Sons of Anarchy is one of the highest-rated shows of Fx, and those who love motorcycles will become die-hard fans of the show.